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Dual 18 - inch 3D Beam Array Subwoofer


Indoor and Outdoor Stadiums
Live show
Entertainment Project


  • OPD218B is suitable for all kinds of entertainment, indoor and outdoor sports venues, as well as entertainment projects. It has a high level of performance in ultra-low frequency sound reinforcement environment.
  • OPD218B is a loudspeaker system consisting of a dual 18-inch low-frequency drive unit installed in a composite box with a front horn design and a rear guide folding. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high performance and high index.
  • OPD218B can withstand up to 1500W power at 110 dBm/1W sensitivity. It can efficiently reduce low-frequency energy. At the same time, its low-frequency limit can reach 35Hz (-3dB), and its maximum voltage level can reach 146dB.
  • The three sides of the box are equipped with anti-skid rubber foot, which can adapt to the placement of different ultra-low frequency arrays. There are four two-way handles on one side, which is easy to transport. The rubber foot of a series of OPD12 loudspeakers is reserved on both sides to ensure the safety of rapid sound combination construction.
  • It can be combined with OPD08, OPD12, OPD18B speakers, LAX DSP48, MT1300 power amplifier.


Frequency Response 35Hz-200Hz(-3dB)
Sound Pressure Level 146dB(Peak)
Sensitivitsy 110dB @ 8 Ω 1m/1w
Power Rating(AES)


Nominal Impedance

4 ohm

Driver 2 x 18"
Dimensions(H x W x D)

1161 x 921 x 581 mm


2 x four-core socket: 1+1-

Net Weight
287 kg

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