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Dual 12 - inch 3D Beam Array Speaker


Indoor and Outdoor Stadiums
Live show
Entertainment Project


  • OPD12 is a two-way system. The tweeter uses a self-invented patented dual loudspeaker waveguide transmission horn.
  • Two 75-core Nd magnetic compression drive units are coupled, and the energy is nondestructively superimposed. At the same time, the sound of horizontal and vertical angles is effectively controlled.
  • Two 12-inch low-frequency units are used in the middle and low frequencies. The conjugate compressed horn loudspeaker technology can effectively stack the middle and low frequencies energy, improve the sensitivity and make the system relatively good.
  • OPD12 can rotate the horn design, to adapt to a variety of horizontal arrays, vertical alignment of the use of occasions. In order to achieve the best sound superposition in array combination, a single loudspeaker is used to perform high efficiency and to control the vertical acoustic wave constraints.
  • The high frequency sensitivity of a single speaker can reach 116 dB@16 ohms, the bass can reach 110 dB@8 ohms, and the maximum sound pressure level of the speaker is 144 dB.
  • Integrative waterproof design, durable and wear-resistant polyurea spraying, complete accessories, flexible and convenient installation, so that the engineering application is more simple.
  • It can be combined with OPD08, OPD18B, OPD218B speakers and LAX DSP48, MT1300 power amplifiers.


Frequency Response 60Hz-20kHz(-3dB)
Dispersion (H x V) 65°x40° (Rotatable horn)
Sound Pressure Level 144dB(Peak)

108dB @ 8 Ω 1m/1w

HF: 116dB @16 Ω 1m/1w

MF & LF: 108dB @ 8 Ω 1m/1w

Power Rating (AES)


Nominal Impedance 8 ohm

LF: 2 x 12" neodymium 16 Ω
HF: 2 x 75 -core, neodymium 8 Ω

Dedicated single hanger, vertical array hanger,
horizontal array hanger, lifting points
M10 x 12、elephant trunk buckle x 5
Dimensions (W x D x H)
460 x 468 x 693 mm
2 x four-core socket: 1+1-
Net Weight
34 kg

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