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Dual 12" Three-Way Tri-Amp Line Array Speaker


The AT3212-V2 is a double 12" three-way tri-amp line array speaker designed to cover extremely demanding sound reinforcement
applications in fixed installations and especially in tour / rental environments.
Featuring separate drivers for high mid and low frequencies and extremely high quality cabinets made from Baltic birch plywood you can
be assured of our commitment to producing a high quality three-way line array speaker.
Designed and built by LAXPro at our state-of-the-art facility in China and using the very latest measurement and testing equipment in our
R&D centre all our speakers are designed and rigorously tested for sonic quality safety of rigging systems and exposure to dust and
moisture. We stand by the quality of our products and build them to go the distance.
The AT3212-V2 is also designed to ensure an excellent return on investment especially for rental companies


  • Two high quality titanium compression drivers with a 1.4" horn throat and a 75 mm (3.5") aluminium voice coil provides amuch smoother brighter and more transparent high frequency response whilst reducing distortion at high sound pressure levels.
  • The mid range is handled by 4 x 6.5" high output drivers with a 45 mm voice coil.
  • The low frequency is handled by a 2 x 12" high output drivers with a 75 mm voice coil ensuring excellent sensitivity and dispersion.
  • The precision-made 15-ply 24 mm and 9-ply 15 mm Baltic birch plywood cabinet features a durable paint finish for touring and rental use.
  • Reinforced V-Slot grille reduces internal vibration noise.
  • The integrated rigging system has a 7:1 safety coefficient.
  • Designed for fixed-installation touring outdoor concerts stadiums and for all demanding sound reinforcement applications.
  • Recommended for use with ATEC AT218B Operation T18B-V2 S118B and WS118B Subwoofers.


Frequency Response 60Hz - 18Hz (+- 3dB) / 50Hz - 20Hz (- 10dB)
Dispersion ( H x V ) 100° x 10°
Sensitivity (1W / 1m)
HF: 110dB  MF: 104dB  LF: 98dB
SPL (1m)

HF: 132dB (Continuous) / 138dB (Peak)

MF: 131dB (Continuous) / 137dB (Peak)

LF: 127dB (Continuous) / 133dB (Peak)


LF: 2 x 12" Ferrite / 75mm Voice Coil / 

MF: 4 x 6.5" Ferrite / 45mm Voice Coil / 

HF: 2 x 3" Neodymium  / 75mm Voice Coil / 

Enclosure Phase Inverted
AT3212 - V2 FK
Power Rating (AES) HF: 160W  MF: 480W  LF: 600W
Nominal Impedance
HF: 16 ohm  MF: 8ohm  LF: 8 ohm
Connectors NEUTRIK NL8MP x 2  HF:1+1-  MF: 2+2-  LF: 3+3-
Dimensions (W x D x H)

1086 x 503 x 367 mm

Net Weight 65 kg






Flying Kit AT3212 - V2 FK Flying Kit for AT3212 - V2 (maximum 16 boxes) View
Flight Case AT3212 - V2 FLC Flight Case for AT3212 - V2 (1 in 1)
Flight Case
AT218B FLC Flight Case for AT218B (1 in 1)

Flight Case
AT3212 - V2 FK FLC Flight Case for AT3212 - V2 Fly Kit (2 in 1)

Flight Case
CB - LA FLC Flight Case for Line Array System Cables (1200 x 600 x 600 mm)
Cable CB3004NL4

Cable 30 Metre 4 core (4 x 2.5)

with 4 pole NEUTRIK connectors (NL4FX) for AT3212 - V2


Cable 1 Metre 4 core (4 x 2.5 mm)

with 4 pole NEUTRIK connectors (NL4FX) for AT3212 - V2


Cable 20 Metre 2 core (2 x 4 mm) Speaker cable

with 4 pole NEUTRIK connectors (NL4FX) for AT218B

Power Cable CB500506AC 50 Metre 5 x 6 mm Power Cable
Rack RK 12U 12U Heavy Duty Rack
Rack RK 16U 16U Heavy Duty Rack
Rack RK 20U 20U Heavy Duty Rack
Rain Cover AT3212 - V2 RC Rain Cover

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